Koru Asset Development Group & Whetū Consultancy Group The Partnership

Whetū and Koru have partnered together to support whanau, trusts, marae, hapū and iwi with
strategic and master planning over their property, resources, and positioning to advocate and advance their aspirations internally and to government agencies, not-for-profit and funding organisations. We work with whanau to clarify their vision and aspirations, and tailor a strategy and/or a master plan that puts in place steps towards achieving collective goals, whilst also addressing the internal and external challenges.

Our process is to work alongside whanau and move from strategic and master planning to
feasibility and development through to project inception and maintenance.

Our Team

Elton Parata

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James Whetu

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Our Specialty

Strategic and Master Planning Services for Marae, Māori Land-holders, Hapū and Iwi

We pride ourselves on putting whanau at the heart of all we do, and drawing people together to align their aspirations and vision for their whenua and people. We see this as an essential element of the service we provide, and in our experience this is what makes our service exceed the expectations of whanau we work with and makes for enduring and successful outcomes.

Whanau Relationships First Every Time

We believe strong foundations come from us all sitting down together to talk about the way forward.  Your hopes, aspirations, vision need to be brought to the surface and agreed upon.  We love to help with this and believe it is one of our strengths.  We are always whanau focused and we specialise in bringing people together and working through the challenges and differences of opinion to come to agreement. We have many years combined experience working in the engagement space and we bring these skills and experience to every environment we work in always with an empowerment focus.

A Unique Combination of Services Available

The Koru Whetu Partnership has brought together a team of whanau focused, experienced Environmental and Resource Management Specialists and Asset Development Specialists.  We provide planning, policy, research and asset development services to Māori communities, government agencies and developers to ensure a Te Ao Māori perspective is provided within and alongside te ture Pākehā.  We are a “one stop shop” providing a holistic service to meet your needs in developing your whenua.  It is our intention that our work contributes to enhanced experiences and more sustainable outcomes for everyone involved alongside more opportunities for future generations.

Strategic & Master Planning Services

We are experienced strategic and master planners who have a passion for working with whanau to support them in achieving clarity in their vision.  We then work with them to develop a strategy and/or master plan to support them in achieving their goals.  This Master planning process is based upon a unique master planning framework developed by Koru Asset Development Group and considers all the challenges that might come along in the process so that they can be managed effectively.  We also bring business acumen to each whanau relationship and environment we work in always taking the time that is needed to appreciate and understand the issues of those involved. 

Key Relationships and Existing Networks In Place

We collectively have established networks and key relationships in place with central and local government agencies and Māori economic development providers so we can educate, support and empower our clients in their Asset Development Process.

Our networks range from:
• Business Advisors and Investment Advisors
• Accountants
• Mortgage and Insurance Brokers
• Lawyers
• Land Development Engineers - Civil and Structural
• Agribusiness Advisors
• Energy Providers - Power and Gas
• Governance Training

We work with a wide range of Whanau, Marae, Māori Land-holders, Hapū and Iwi to help empower them with the strategic knowledge, resources, plans and processes to achieve the results they hope for.   We tailor our service to meet the requirements of each unique project to get the very best and most sustainable outcome possible.

We would love to talk with you about how we can help you with your projects, so give us a call on 021 149 3565 or drop us an email and we look forward to getting to know you and your project.