Environmental and Resource Management Services

How we can help

Whetū Consultancy Group has grounded knowledge and experience in statutory requirements and processes, town planning approaches, environmental management, and local authority practices. We also specialise in integrating and incorporating Māori values and perspectives, in environmental reporting, management (includes management plans) and compliance requirements for farms, and in the response to climate change. We can:

  • Prepare Assessment of Environmental Effects or Resource Consents Applications towards obtaining: land-use consent, subdivision consent, discharge permit, coastal permit, or water permit.
  • Prepare Impact Assessment Reports towards obtaining marine consents (pursuant under the Exclusive Economic Zone Act).
  • Support iwi/mana whenua prepare Cultural Impact Assessments or Cultural Values Assessments.
  • Prepare Farm Management Plans to support sustainable farming activities/operations.
  • Field work and gather information/evidence to inform the development of policies.
  • Research and evaluate the appropriateness of any policy change requirement/commitment to a district, city or regional planning document.
  • Provide advice on policy regarding mātauranga Māori and Climate Change response.

Examples of previous/current projects

Agricultural Policy and Legislative Review for UNFAO

Auckland Council's Technical Advisor

Review of Waikato-Tainui River Accords and JMAs

Stony Creek Farm Management Plan

Interim Climate Change Committee (ICCC)