He Mahi Takoha

"E tipu, e rea, mō ngā rā o tōu ao; ko tō ringa ki ngā rākau a te Pākehā hei ara mō tō tinana, ko tō ngākau ki ngā taonga a ō tūpuna Māori hei tikitiki mō tō māhuna; ko tō wairua ki tō atua, nā ana nei ngā mea katoa."

"Grow up and thrive for the days destined to you, your hand to the tools of the Pākehā to provide physical sustenance, your heart to the treasures of your Māori ancestors as a diadem for your brow, your soul to your God, to whom all things belong."

Nā Tā Apirana Ngata


He Koha He Whakaaro nā Mātou, He Mahi Takoha

In 2017, Whetū Consultancy Group has launched its big picture initiative, He Mahi Takoha.

This initiative is reflective of the values and aspirations of the two directors of Whetū Consultancy Group, to see kindness acted out and occurring in our communities. Enabling the consultancy to contribute back to our respective communities, both empowers our staff and encourages activities that go beyond individual interests, while also supporting our communities’ empowerment. More importantly, the initiative is also intended to support our indigenous people to grow and thrive, whilst also embracing the Pākehā system and teachings, as idealised in the saying outlined above by Sir Apriana Ngata.

Both of our Directors James and Amy are also active members in the Ngāruawāhia and Hamilton communities, and believe in the importance of contributing time and pro bono professional services to community projects where they can.

He Mahi Takoha, has two distinct features to capture our intent:

He Koha  - Free Professional Service to a community project
He Whakaaro - Professional Mentoring and Work Experience for rangatahi 

Ngā Ture mō te tau 2018:

  • We will identify and support community projects
  • We will look to identify rangatahi studying in the areas of planning, policy, law, and management, to support their professional capability and growth.   

If you would like to be considered to be part of this initiative please send us an email directly or via our Contact Us page. We use our own discretion, feedback and guidance from others, when deciding which projects and individual's we support through this initiative. In addition to gifting our time on such projects, we also work to provide reduced rates on other projects that do not qualify at the time, but still fit within this initiative.

2017 Project:

Mai Uenuku ki te Whenua Marae Feasibility Study

2018 Project:

Planning support to the Ngāruawāhia Community Board for community projects.

2019 Project:

Planning support to the Ngāruawāhia Community Board for community projects and WRA Funding Applications.

Business support and advice for start up businesses within Durham Precinct in Ngāruawāhia.

Memberships & accreditations