Liam Robinson - Inspiring Whetū Consultancy Group

Naau te rourou, naaku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi - With your food basket, and my food basket, the people will be well

Here at Whetū Consultancy Group, life cannot always be about our achievements, our search for success, nor about leaving a legacy for our family and future generations. Life has to also be about the now, how we interact with each other and others, and also how we look after our well-being. That search for physical well-being started for James in 2017, when he walked into Fastlane Fitness Centre in Hamilton and signed up for personal training under Liam Robinson at Prime Time Performance. Here is a bit more about Liam's work.

Over the past year and a half, James has got to know Liam, and likewise Liam got to know James, as well as Amy, Millie and Rodie during the early morning swimming sessions for the kids. 

Liam is a phenomenal human as well as personal trainer who is keeping James honest and puts him through his paces when James is available and not traveling around New Zealand. Amy like many of us has the best of intentions and is very much looking forward to putting James and Liam through their paces soon! 

Liam is also into Triathlon in a significant way.  He’s a dedicated sportsman who really inspires us so Whetū Consultancy Group were thrilled to become his primary sponsor earlier this year to support him as he pursues his Triathlon dreams.

Liam has recently attended the World champs on the Gold Coast and performed superbly.  He felt fit and strong and set a new personal best.  He is now 37th in the world following this competition and he is working hard towards his current goal of being in the top 25 in the world.  With the way he is training along with his amazing human spirit we know he’ll be there soon and we are loving helping him along on his mission.

We know there is much to gain from the hard work that lays waiting for us in 2019, and we look forward to achieving our 2019 goals as a business and personal wellbeing, alongside Liam with his goals as an athlete and as an active and positive role model in our community. We know that with Liam's skills and knowledge (food basket), we at Whetū Consultancy Group will be well.