E Tipu E Rea - Introducing Kiri Crossland

There was a conversation in our office recently about the passage of time and how it seems to move so much faster as we age, and how our experience of the world around us changes from season to season.   At Whetū Consultancy Group we love the insight and perspective that each person brings with them as they travel through these seasons of life.  We also have an intentional focus on keeping our team diverse to add a richness to how we work. 

E Tipu E Rea - Grow and Thrive. These are the first words of Sir Apirana Ngata, and are the guiding words for James and Amy in supporting young people entering (or considering) being part of the industry we work in.

Bringing Kiri Crossland into our team as part of our mission to grow our young people has been an enriching experience that is growing us all. Kiri is about to complete her second year of a Bachelor in Environmental Planning at Waikato University with an interest in Māori planning and Te Reo Māori.   

Kiri is a permaculture enthusiast and has her own extensive garden at home which she is passionate about.   She has spent the past few summers in India working for Global Vision International which is an NGO that promotes sustainable development in countries around the world.  As an intern Kiri worked with the Women’s empowerment and education teams to produce and deliver lessons on a range of topics.  She was also involved in some short-term construction projects, not surprisingly her favourite one being building a vegetable garden at a girls’ home so they could grow their own healthy food. 

We really appreciate the new energy, passion and enthusiasm Kiri brings to our team and we love having her around.  To find out more about Kiri and what she does at Whetū Consultancy Group take a look here.

E tipu e rea mo nga ra o te ao - Grow up and thrive in the days destined to you

Tihei Mauriora